365 Days of Sass - Let's Begin

Well hello there! It was inevitable that i'd take my sweet time in writing a follow-up to my first post. Alas I have been busy, very busy indeed. 

The past month or so has seen the following events take place:

• Quitting my job in pursuit of flexible hours, creative freedom and new adventures. 🙌
• I've now been taken under the wing of a delicious social enterprise. The Birmingham Weekender will see me spent in the company of Miss Macaroon, so pop in to The Great Western Arcade this weekend, say hi and have yourself a little sweet treat!
• My boyfriend got me a cigar box guitar for my birthday and I FUCKING LOVE IT. Thus far i've mastered the Bad to the Bone riff and a rather shoddy version of Blister in the Sun.
• And the final most incredible bit of news I have to share has seen this summer come to a close in the highest of spirits...

So a while back I applied for New Blood Shift, a creative night school hosted by the one and only D&AD. I received an email last month informing me that I'd only gone and made it through to the shortlist! 😱 So I tooted on down to the big smoke for their Challenge Day for an interview, an insightful talk from the fabulous and unapologetic Miss Adah Parris, a collaborative workshop with my peers and an evening showcase rubbing shoulders with creative professionals at the top of their game.


The day was what can only describe as inspiring, I was desperate to make it through to the programme and wanting not to make a total tit of myself with regards to the evening schmoozing. However, unlike the dull 'networking' events I have sadly bore witness to in the past, the evening was full of delightful encounters. I managed to corner a lovely chap called Ollie from the BBC whose ear I chewed off for a while about my undying love for Eastenders, Poor guy.

Despite my red wine gabble about Albert Square, the following week I was told that i'd been accepted onto the programme HALLELUJAH! This fantastic news was shared with my fellow commuters on the number 50 bus whom were no doubt less than impressed with my squeals of joy.

So on to the incubator weekend. Early September I booked myself a room at the Z Hotel and made my way to Shoreditch again for an intense 3 days of learning, collaboration and all round excitement. I could keep you here all day with all of the wonderful things crammed into my noggin over that weekend, so i'll try and keep it brief.


My fellow shiftee's and I were shown many a marvellous side to the design and advertising industry, from innovative ideas to quality craftsmanship. LED sheep, LGBT vodka branding, speedy doughnuts and the world's biggest asshole took pride of place in the case studies we looked at. Apprentice style tasks threw us all out of our comfort zone and onto the streets, leading me to a lovely gaggle of street art photographers, Jon, Don and Maureen.

Amongst the many things i've taken away from that weekend is that collaboration is really fucking great! I've always been a bit of a lone wolf in my artistic endeavours, but being surrounded by fire-bellied creatives, driven in their pursuits has instilled a hunger in me to be part of a pack.

The Shift adventure officially begins in October, i'll do my best to keep updates frequent whilst working on my brief and spending plenty of time with an abundance of macaroons. All in all, summer may be nearly over but things are looking very bright indeed 🙃

Stay fabulous people! Xx